EMR Visitors to Houston
Endoscopic Mucosal Resection Treatment for visitors to Houston

Please advise our staff of your visit, and we'll expedite out-of-town-travelers' treatment in as follows:

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Dr. Ertan will treat over 90% of Barrett's patients within two days, sometimes one depend on your Barrett's esophagus alone or with various stages of dysplasia . On day One, he will evaluate you condition and perform diagnostics tests as needed such as imaging modalities; chest/abdomen CT scan and in some cases esophageal endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) to evaluate and assess the dysplasia extention. On Day Two, he can perform an endoscopy with brushing and biopsies and give your management plans. In patients with Barrett's dysplasia, additional imaging tests are required, such as CT scans and EUS ; and these can be performed on Day 3.

Most of the patients can leave Houston within 2-3 days. If you need to be managed with the BARRX- HALO Ablation System (link) or photodynamic therapy-PDT (link), you may need extra few days to stay in Houston. If you are indicated for surgical treatment, best and experience surgeon will be assigned for your need accordingly.

After your treatment, Dr. Ertan will advise you of a follow-up management plans with diet modification, acid reducing agents and probable endoscopy and biopsies every 3 to 12 months depend upon your disease. You may decide to revisit Dr. Ertan, or Dr. Ertan can refer you to a local provider. We will send a report, proposed treatment, and medical records for the local physician; please do ask them to contact us for assistance.

Non-English Visitors

For foreign patients and their physicians, Dr. Ertan's office can provide all necessary translation services. Translators will be available during your visit, and for all medical records and treatment plans.

I have questions regarding travel and the visit

Please note that Dr. Ertan cannot answer any medical questions you may have without first an examination, as this is the proper course of action, and in the United States, there are numerous legal implications regarding answering such questions. If you have questions regarding an appointment, please email this toward our administrator-appointment@atillaertan.com. Better yet, please call us at (713) 794-0001, USA.

Suggestions by International Visitors

If you have recommendations to provide better services for international visits, please let us know, in English, please. It does cost us money to translate non-English emails, and we receive these abundantly; so, call us if we did not respond to your email. IntlEMR@atillaertan.com.

Please review the attached powerpoint presentation delivered by Dr. Ertan about various EMRs in management of his own patients with early gastrointestinal cancers.