IBD ( Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis )Management for visitors to Houston
Dr. Ertan will manage most of your IBD problem within few days. On day one, he will examine you; review and evaluate your available medical records and x-ray images. You may have additional blood test or x-rays. If it is needed, your endoscopy and biopsies may be performed next day with necessary preparation and planning. Please advise our staff of your visit, and we'll expedite your treatment.

Dr. Ertan, an internationally recognized IBD specialist, performs numerous clinical studies of investigational medications and research studies for chronic IBD patients (link). Many of the research studies are multi-center and multinational research projects and you may participate in a voluntary basis.

Plan to stay 2 days for evaluation, diagnostics and treatment plan for your complex and complicated IBD problems. Some patients with IBD may need further evaluation, and surgical management.

Many IBD cases require long-standing maintenance treatment to prevent exacerbation(s) after your induction treatment. Much of our treatments are non-surgical and once you receive such a plan, you and your referred continual physician will receive a treatment plan and continual support from Dr. Ertan. We will send medical reports with proposed treatment plans for the local physician; please do ask them to contact us for assistance.

I have questions regarding travel and the visit

Please note that Dr. Ertan cannot answer any medical questions you may have without first an examination, as this is the proper course of action, and in the United States, there are numerous legal implications regarding answering such questions. If you have questions regarding an appointment, please email this toward our administrator-  appointment@atillaertan.com. Better yet, please call us at (713) 794-0001, USA.

Suggestions by International Visitors

If you have recommendations to improve our services for international visitors, please let us know, in English please. Please note that it does cost us money to translate non-English emails, and we receive these abundantly; so, call us if we did not respond to your email. IBDintl   at   atillaertan.com.