esophageal stenting

ESOPHAGEAL STENTING can be done with various commercially available prosthesis depend on the cause of your esophageal stricture, intractable to repeated dilations.

Dr. Ertan has used a peroral polyvinyl prosthesis by pulsion technique through the stricture in patients with an advanced esophageal cancer. This prosthesis remains in position for the rest of the patient's life and permits adequate swallowing in most cases.

Esophageal permanent prosthesis also blocks leakage and stops pulmonary soilage by way of an esophagopulmonary malignant fistula. Polyflex esophageal temporary stenting is also used safely and effectively used by Dr. Ertan in selected patients with stricture due to post-radiation, post-laser and post-caustic injury refractory to prior dilations. This temporary novel stent is removed after 3-4 weeks by standard upper endoscope and rat-tooth forceps.