photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy (PDT), "smart laser" can be used to manage in patients with Barrett's precancerous (dysplastic) lesions and Barrett's superficial cancers.

PDT and short segment Barrett's. Click to Enlarge

Barrett's dysplasia and PDT. Click to Enlarge

PDT starts with an injection into your vein of a drug called, Photofrin. Two days after the drug injection, you will have an endoscopy of your esophagus. A special light through an optic fiber will be inserted to light up the diseased area with red light. The red light comes from a low-powered laser and activates the drug in the diseased tissue for selective destruction of Barrett's segment. Whether you receive another light treatment, depends on how your esophagus reacted. You will have a visit every 6 or 12 months after you receive the PDT treatment.

You may have an endoscopy of the esophagus and biopsies will be taken for microscopic examination as before. Depending on the biopsy results, you may undergo further tests or treatment. To learn more about how Barrett's esophagus can be treated, please also visit or discuss with Dr Ertan or Pat Bellinger, NP at 713-794-0001.